What I can do for you


Interim manager

CFO, Financial or Administrative Manager. For hire during longer or shorter periods - on full or halftime.

Board and management

Either as an external board member or as a consultant to structure board related work and routines

Corporate Reviewing and Analysis

Review of profitability, efficiency and organization. Also offer suggestions and recommendations for suitable changes and improvements.

Economy and Administration

Assisting the Accounts and Finance Department at peak periods or when understaffed. Structuring and implementing administrative and financial routines and thereby assuring an effective workflow or improving those in place. Establishing, implementing or improving business reports for the Board, CEO, Management and Managers.


To function as the administrative hub and/ or mentor during expansion by assisting with business planning, activity and action plans, as well as execution of that same plan. Assisting with company takeovers and business negotiations. Partnership in new business ventures.

Project Management

When buying and implementing new business systems and when establishing businesses both in Sweden and abroad by either Swedish or international owners

Assisting and advising small, medium and large corporations (Swedish or international) with establishment, change and/ or expansion, offering relief and assistance during demanding times - for both longer and shorter periods.